Meet Us

What to expect

Deep Run West is a place where you will receive a warm welcome to join in fellowship, worship and growth.  Our facilities are handicap accessible.  When you attend our services, you will be greeted as you enter the main entrance doors with directions to the sanctuary and classeroom meeting spaces.  Our worship services are semi-casual with a mix of traditional and contemporary praise music.  A staffed nursery is available for infants and toddlers.  We look forward to meeting you!


We are asked why there are two Mennonite churches across the street from each other, "Can't you get along?"


The answer is that back in 1849, there were issues that divided the congregation in to two groups.  These groups eventually were called "Old order Mennonites - Deep Run East" and "New order Mennonites - Deep Run West".  The issues were over creating a written church consitution, Sunday Schools and church publications.


Within a hundred years, those "new" ideas where eventually embraced by the "old order Mennonites".  Today, we share several services with each other every year and both congregations have their specialties.



Church Staff

I'm Pastor Rodger Schmell.  Give me a call at the church number or e-mail me at

Hi, I'm Beth Friesen, the Youth Director at DRW.  I work with the Junior High and High School students here at DRW.  I love working with kids.  My office hours vary, but you can always reach me by email at

We invite you to contact us.